So, what’s the story behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday anyway? And do we really need to know anything beyond the fact that we’re going to get screamin’ deals on all kinds of awesome stuff?

If you want to drop some savvy shopper knowledge on your friends and family at Thanksgiving dinner, you’ve come to the right place. But if you’re thinking, “just show me the money, GoPro!” then we’ll save you the time … and money.

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Now, for the real treat—a Black Friday/Cyber Monday “The More You Know” history moment:

  • Black Friday began in the ‘50s, when people shopped in stores exclusively. So, retailers got to thinking, “we should have some big sales on the day after Thanksgiving since most people aren’t working.” It worked so well that the uptick in sales tipped them “into the black” (meaning, they made a bunch of money and became profitable for the year). And so, Black Friday was born.
  • But what about Cyber Monday? Back in 2005, online shopping wasn't as big as it is today, so dotcom stores began running sales to encourage shoppers to ditch their brick-and-mortar game and buy online. But why Monday? Turns out recreational shopping pairs well with our morning coffee at the office. So, while ‘Cyber Saturday’ has alliteration going for it, Monday is when online shops reported the most transactions, earning the holiday its name

And that wraps up GoPro Black Friday 101. Have a happy holiday! And learn more about HERO10 Black HERE.